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TRAIN TRACK® Web Edition Help Manual



TRAIN TRACK® gives you the tools you need to make sure training requirements are met.

  • Quickly see what training is needed or completed.
  • Assign required training by department, job title, or individual.
  • Allow employees to enroll in classes and take electronic exams.
  • Automatically notify employees of training due.

TRAIN TRACK® consists of two main data sets, Training records and Employee records. The relationships that you set up between these two data sets determine what training is required, completed, or needed for each employee.

Just enter or import your data:

  • List of Employees
  • List of Training
  • Training Completion Dates

Assign required training by:

  • Job title
  • Department
  • Individual

TRAIN TRACK® will do the rest:

  • Determine what training is needed for each employee
  • Determine when/if each training expires
  • Track the status of each requirement:
    • Needed
    • Scheduled
    • Completed
    • Failed (if an exam is required)
    • Expired
    • Expiring soon
  • Maintain records of all completed training, required or not
  • Generate reports to print, export, or email



What Training is Required?

Most organizations have some type of training requirements, either mandated by a regulatory body such as the FDA, required by law, for a certification process such as ISO, or to ensure that internal procedures are followed and that each employee knows how to carry out their job functions. To comply with these requirements, each employee needs to be assigned a specific set of training to complete, sometimes called a "training profile".

TRAIN TRACK® allows you to assign training requirements by job title, department, or individually. It gives you further control by allowing employees to have multiple job titles, adding exceptions to requirements for individuals or by hire date, and setting up groups of required training. You may also limit training to one specific location.

What Training has been Completed?

TRAIN TRACK® maintains records of completed training. You may record completed training by entering a completion date, importing records from Excel®, or allowing employees to log in and take an exam or verify that they have completed the training materials.

What Training is Needed?

Once you have added your training requirements and your training completions, TRAIN TRACK® can tell you what training is still needed, what will be due soon, and what is already completed or scheduled. It also allows you to set due dates for needed training, and to require periodic re-training.


Available Editions

TRAIN TRACK® is available with a desktop interface and a web-based interface. The web interface may be used alone, or in combination with the desktop interface. This manual covers the web interface only. The desktop interface is covered in a separate manual. Different features are available in each edition. All editions are also available as customizable applications.



Database License

The basic TRAIN TRACK® database license allows you to have one database, with one set of data. You may keep backup copies of the same set of data.

User License

Named Users

TRAIN TRACK® is licensed for individual named users (not concurrent users). Each person who uses TRAIN TRACK® needs to have their own user license. This applies to all user levels except exam-level users. Licenses are transferrrable. If you have a change in personnel, you may transfer an unused license to a new employee. To increase the number of licensed users, visit

Exam-Level Users

Employees who are only logging in to take an exam or view their own status as exam-level users do not currently need their own user license.

Location License

TRAIN TRACK® allows you to track data from multiple locations within one database. If you wish to restrict users to only viewing training and employee records from one location, you will need a location license for each additional location beyond your primary location.

License Agreement

The license agreement can be found here:


Using this Manual

This manual is intended to provide information to help users enter and edit data, view records, and generate reports. It also includes information about installing and maintaining the database. If you need additional help, please contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.

Some of the functions will only be available to specified user levels.

Note: The images in this manual may differ slightly from those on your screen.


System Requirements

Requirements for the installed web edition:

Requirements for the hosted web edition:


Installation Instructions

TRAIN TRACK® comes with complete installation instructions as a separate document titled "Software Installation Instructions" or "SII". This document was included in your program files. Please refer to this document when installing TRAIN TRACK®.


User Interface

The web-based user interface can be viewed using a web browser. We recommend Internet Explorer for best results. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have some formatting issues but may still be used for most functions.


Additional Help

If you have a question that is not answered in these help files, you may search our knowledge base, or submit a support ticket at If you need additional help, please contact your program administrator or IT department, or you may contact us at or by calling 619-284-8013 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Pacific time. Hours are subject to change without notice.